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Celebrate Cotton at TTU

Celebrate Cotton at TTU

October. Fall. Texas Tech. Awesomeness.

We are just about six weeks into the fall semester.  Football team is undefeated. First round of tests completed (I know it seems that faculty get together and plan all of our tests to happen at the same time, but I promise we don’t do that!).  The farms around Lubbock are about to turn white with cotton.  Cold fronts are about to bring some cooler temps!  And….the spring 2014 schedule is about to be viewable!  Journalism and Electronic Media students get ready – there are some great opportunities on the horizon.

Journalistic Role Performance Around the Globe Project

Journalistic Role Performance Around the Globe Project

New Faculty Member – and Think GLOBAL!  

Dr. Lea Hellmueller is a new assistant professor in journalism here at Texas Tech.  In spring 2014, students interested in global

Dr. Lea Hellmueller

Dr. Lea Hellmueller

journalism can enroll in a special topics course called — JOUR 4301.002 (CRN 49237), The Future of Global Journalism, MWF 3 p.m.  If you are planning to work in the global economy, take advantage to learn from one of the world’s leading experts in transnational journalism issues.

Dr. Hellmueller arrived in Lubbock a few days before the fall 2013 semester and she is already rocking and rolling in the classroom!  She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri and her scholarly interests (both teaching and research) focus on the areas related to transnational journalism cultures.  In fact, she is co-principal investigator for a project called Journalistic Role Performance Around the Globe. She is currently coordinating research projects in 25 different countries!  I asked Dr. Hellmueller how she got involved in the project.

“The idea was based on a collaborative research project at the Missouri School of Journalism in 2010. The idea was not solely mine, but part of my research collaboration with Dr. Vos and Edson Tandoc (my Fulbright friend at Mizzou,  from the Philippines). Our first paper on that topic most recently got published in Journalism Practice, as the feature article. The data we used to test the assumption is part of the data I gathered in collaboration with my two co-authors for my dissertation in Washington, DC.

While we started the project here in the US, my friend and main investigator of the JRP around the globe project, Prof. Mellado, had the same idea in Chile and came up with a much more elaboratedcodebook than we had. She discovered our paper and contacted me and submitted a panel proposal to ICA in London 2013. It got accepted and she invited me to Chile to work with her right before ICA. At first, we had about 5 countries involved, right now, we are looking at 25. One of our main goal is to include Western and non-Western countries and thru Prof. Mellado’s network, we are able to do so.”

I also asked Dr. Hellmueller why “journalistic role performance” is an important topic to study?

“It is very important because of practical and professional reasons, which needs some elaboration on the state of journalism scholarship. Much research has been conducted worldwide within the past 50 years on what journalists perceive to be their professional roles and professional norms in society (i.e., the way they ought to perform their job). However, not much is known about one of the basic normative assumptions of this stream of research: Scholars who study role conceptions argue that those roles are crucial for the content journalists produce. Basically, saying that the way journalists’ perceive their role will shape the stories they produce.”

Students can get involved (both undergraduates and graduate students) – contact Dr. Hellmueller (

New HD studios at Raider Vision - you can earn academic credit and gain invaluable sports broadcasting experience!

New HD studios at Raider Vision – you can earn academic credit and gain invaluable sports broadcasting experience!


Make sure you contact your advisor – Don Ellis ( or Ryan Johnson ( for information about course opportunities in spring 2014.  We’ve got several really cool opportunities in the spring semester — you can take courses from award winning faculty in principles of journalism or electronic media, visual communications and other courses.  In fact, you can enroll in EMC 3358, International Electronic Media, and earn your global communication

credit.  Enroll in EMC 3308 for a Visual & Performing Arts Credit.  JOUR 3350 and earn your Humanities credit while learning about the History of American Journalism.  Doug Hensley is teaching JOUR 4305, Sports and Media in spring 2014.  And, student can earn credit with practicum opportunities at TTU Athletics’ Raider Vision, KTXT-FM radio and others!  Plus, you can enroll in special projects courses and earn academic credit and learn about the production of television news at MCTV.  Talk to your advisor today!

Where have I ‘wandered’ today….

Take a look at this photo and let me know what faculty member’s office door this awesome Study Abroad opportunity poster is posted on….

New Zealand Study Abroad Opportunities

New Zealand Study Abroad Opportunities


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