2nd Appathon!


It’s back! The College of Media & Communication and the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering are hosting the 2014 Texas Tech Appathon!  This is a terrific opportunity to put your ideas into action!  The event starts at 7:00 Friday night at the Livermore Center at the College of Engineering.  It ends 24-hours later.  Make sure you register for the event.  The theme for this year’s 24-hour app-building competition is Study Abroad.

Student team presenting at 2013 Appathon

Student team presenting at 2013 Appathon

So why should a student think about participating in the Appathon?

Katy Morris (right) and Derrick Franco (left) setting up the shot!

Katy Morris (right) and Derrick Franco (left) setting up the shot!

No doubt you’ve heard, seen, read about ‘entrepreneurship’ in the past year or so.  We’ve got students involved in several different projects that highlight their ability to apply their creativity to do real-world stuff!  There are JEM students involved in freelance video and photography projects, web design, and other types of ventures.  We also have students who are launching companies.  One of those is EMC major Katy Morris.  In the past year, Katy has been on a really cool ride — from attending the 2013 Appathon to heading to New York to participate in AngelHack then presenting to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley!  I asked Katy what a Media & Communication student can gain to benefit from participating in the Appathon!

As Media and Communication students we need certain skills to be able to succeed in our career. Some of these skills include: teamwork, learning to network, and good communication skills.
First, the team that you choose will rely on teamwork through out the competition. You will work closely with them over the 24 hours. Find a team that you can bring something to, whether it be designing, or even presenting the product, bring your strengths to the table.
Next, you will need to know how to network! You need to talk to as many people as you can, especially the judges. Get them to remember you and you will have a better chance. Find what they like about your app and change the things they do not.
And lastly, when it comes to presenting, you need to know how to communicate an idea clearly. At the end of the competition your group will have to present your creation to the judges. This part is almost as vital as your actual creation. If they do not understand what you made, you will not win. Practice presenting your product over and over before the judging and you will impress them every time.
And everyone needs a little competition in our life, it keeps us on our toes. Remember you do not have to be an expert to compete in a appathon. Learning as you go is one of the best ways to innovate, learn, and have fun.
In conclusion, if you want to learn skills, focus your talents, and have a future advantage over your peers, compete in an appathon. I promise, you won’t regret it.
You can check out Katy’s blog for some great pics and stories from the past year! Check out their fundraising page for their company! Check out Engineering major Derrick Franco’s presentation at the recent Tedx Texas Tech!
Easy Launch

Easy Launch

Vision behind the Appathon: Dr. Randy Reddick
In the Department of Journalism & Electronic Media, we are fortunate to have visionaries like Dr. Randy Reddick.  I hope he appreciates this, but Dr. Reddick was researching, publishing and teaching about the Internet long before it was known as the Internet!  He has led the team for developing the first app for the College of Media & Communication AND he has led the charge for launching the Appathon!  This year is no different – Dr. Reddick continues to lead the charge!  I asked Dr. Reddick a few questions about the 2014 Appathon:
Dr. Randy Reddick

Dr. Randy Reddick

What type of students can get involved with the Appathon?

 Any student with a creative bent aimed at or an interest in mobile computing can “get involved.” So can students who want to help in a college event.
 What should students be prepared to do during the Appathon?
Those who are competing should have some programming and/or design experience. Students usually participate in teams of 2-3 people. They have to come up with design solutions at all levels as well as the programming mechanics to solve the problem(s) outlined at the beginning.
What are some benefits of participating in the Appathon?
  • Experience at addressing a real-world mobile communications problem under the pressure of a tight deadline
  • Fun and camaraderie
  • Food and beverage
  • Possibility of winning cool prizes
  • Networking opportunities with other students, faculty, and potential employers
Texas Association of Broadcasters (www.tab.org)

Texas Association of Broadcasters (www.tab.org)

TAB – Coming Up Soon!  Register today!  

Don’t forget to register for the TAB event on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  It’s a great opportunity for students to network, learn and interact with leading broadcast professionals here at the College of Media & Communication!  Register today!

Metropolis Elektro

Wow!  What a cool opportunity for all students, but especially film and music enthusiasts.  Dr. Kent Wilkinson’s Rock & Roll Media class has invited Scott and Amy Faris to present “Launching Metropolis Elektro: From Inspiration to Opening Night” on Thursday, February 20 at 2:00 in CoMC 281!  What a great opportunity to interact with true visionaries.  Don’t miss this event!

Really Cool Launch of the TTU International Film Series

The Department of Journalism & Electronic Media, the Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication and the TTU Cross-Cultural Advancement Center will host a free screening of 12 Years a Slave Monday, February 24, at 6 p.m. in CoMC 281.  There is a panel discussion after the film moderated by Dr. Robert Peaslee.  Join us for this special event!  You can follow the film series at:

IFS Poster

IFS Poster


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